Its no secret Melbourne’s café culture is second to none. There is an ever present buzz to the Melbourne food scene. Eating out has become much more than devouring delicious food; its something we seek out, drive across suburbs and stand in queue for just to tick it off our list and say, “Yeah, I’ve been there”.

And the best part is, it’s impossible to say you’ve been to every cafes; trust us we’ve tried! Everywhere you go there seems to be a new café opening up, continuing the endless amount of new experiences to try!

Through our journey discovering Melbourne best, we have been lucky enough to eat amazing food and meet inspiring people. We have learnt that a café is the product of the owners and chefs that pour their heart and soul into what you see, taste & experience in front of you.

As bloggers, we often get the chance to sit down with the owner or chef when we visit and when they do – they share their story with us. Every time we get this more personal experience we can’t help but fall more in love with the place! We want to share this story with everyone so customers can form that deeper connection with their favourite brunch spot or coffee hub!

It’s safe to say there is no harder place to open a successful café than in the most livable city in the world – we take our hat off to any cafe able to do it and we wouldlove not only, to share the delicious food but the story behind the madness!

We invite you to follow us on our journey!

Ashley and Jordan Brown

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