Small Print

Aptly named to indicate their small eco-footprint, Small Print is an example of just how delicious and innovative a predominantly vegetarian menu can be. With sourdough, thin crust bases and delicious, untraditional toppings, this is truly a pizza bar with a difference. While their venue may be on the smaller side, their powerful movement towards sustainable living and dining speaks volumes. Co owners Phil Gijsbers, Neil Mills and Adam Chapman all share a passion for leading a considered and sustainable lifestyle; a passion which has breathed life into their business. We sat down with Adam to gain more insight.

The Food

The Space

388 High St, Windsor VIC 3181

Mon: 5pm – 9:30pm

Tue – Thu: 4pm – 9:30pm

Fri – Sat: 4pm -10:30pm

Sun: 4pm – 9:30pm


03 9533 8402


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How did you come up with the name for Small Print?

The name is based off “small eco footprint” so we tried to incorporate the sustainability aspect in more of a subtle way within our name.

Are you vegan yourself?

I live and breathe it as much as I can. The environment is a real massive thing for me. It’s all about keeping this planet alive. I couldn’t run a business that wasn’t cared for in this manner, that’s my power and passion. I don’t try and push it onto other people but I’d just say, “look, try these veggies pizza’s they’re amazing” and show you don’t have to eat meat for every meal.

What’s your approach to sustainability?

We have an industrial compost out the back which is closed loop! So we can fit any food waste, even bones and meat. We compost everything. Even our pizza boxes are compostable. We also try to use nose to tail dining practices and obviously incorporate lots of vegan and vegetarian options on the menu!

We also spoke to the Stonington council because you actually can’t recycle pizza boxes unless they are completely clean! So, if they have any grease stains or cheese you can’t recycle them. We came up with the idea of putting a grease proof paper in the bottom of the pizza box which keeps the pizza box clean. We try our best to educate our customers that dirty or greasy cardboard actually can’t be recycled!

How is the menu designed?

Phil and I both really love Italian style thin based pizza but we thought there was a bit of a gap in the market with inauthentic Italian toppings. We also wanted it to be heavily focused on sustainability and the environment, we wanted to cater to that vegan market as well while still producing really good pizza.

We keep the menu fairly consistent, it’s all pizza’s and sides, and we role out a couple of different specials each week!

How would you describe the vibe of Small Print?

We just love pizza and going to semi-casual dining places, so we’ve tried to create a casual vibe where you can still get really decent food!

What’s your favourite pizza on the menu?

Mine would be the pumpkin, the combination of the almond feta and sage is yum!