Short Straw

Set into the side streets of Hawthorns Glenferrie Rd, Short Straw fits seamlessly into the brunching culture of Melbourne. The light-hearted atmosphere as well as the meticulously plated food bring a continuous flow of brunch enthusiasts through their doors. The trendy décor is complimented by their young and vibrant staff, giving a kicked back and hassle free brunch experience in an otherwise bustling area! There is no denying why this is one of the most highly sought after brunch venues in suburban Melbourne.  We sat down with owner Anthony Forsyth to hear how they’ve done it.

The Food

The Space

What’s the coolest thing about Short Straw?

The entire concept of what we do is to produce our product collaboratively. This means everyone in the café, from our casuals to the operations manager has a say in the operations of this café. Most of our dishes are actually named by our staff.

How would you describe the interior of your café?

Bright, light, very large and industrial with a lot of greenery! We wanted to make it a natural place to be.

Tell us about your team of chefs?

Our head chefs background is fine dining, he’s worked with Jaq Remond, he’s worked at Oak Fish Winery, both really top tier fine dining venues. He has taken that experience and implanted it in our café venue which gives our food a really cool edge.

How do you design your menu?

We try to bring in things that are a bit different to what you would normally see on a café menu; like our sweet potato gnocchi with wagyu beef. Or we’ll take an everyday dish and put a new spin on it. A lot of our dishes are vegetarian with the option to add meat where possible.

What’s your favourite dish on the menu?

The vegan sweet potato and mushroom gnocchi is actually unreal and I’m not in any way a vegan but I also love the wild mushrooms with the pork belly, it’s just out of control!